Body Oil  and Hair Conditioner
"You can almost feel it soaking into your skin!"

"An amazing hair conditioner! Just a few drops and I leave it in all day."

10 Natural Oil  provides the  utmost nourishment  to your skin. As we age our skin changes. Our bodies produce less of the vital natural oils that keep our skin smooth and supple.   10 Natural  will heal and restore the elasticity and moisture of your skin, protect it from dryness, and reduce fine wrinkles for a younger and softer look to your skin.  Absolutely  great for massages!   No fragrances and non-greasy!   All types of skin and hair respond beautifully. 
$15.95 USD

Face Cream and More
"Amazing face cream for day, night, and as a makeup base. It
's a natural sun screen  too!"

A very little goes a long way!  Let it soak in and  feel the hydration.  Specially formulated to be particularly effective on your face , neck, and other problem skin areas such as cuts, scrapes, sores, and nail cuticles.

                      $37.95 USD

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All natural products - From planting, to hand harvesting, to cold press, to clinical laboratory processing.

Nothing artificial - No Chemicals - Sustainable - Socially Responsible

Replenish the vital nutrients so important for a younger you!

Face Cream
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Skin and Hair Oil
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10 Natural   Macadamia Products  to Nourish, Restore, and Protect Your skin, hair, and lips!

100% Pure Macadamia Products For Great Skin, Lips, and Hair!

Macadamia oil has been used for hundreds of years to replace the natural oils and nutrients we all loose due to aging and the sun.

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  • All  10 Natural  products are made with the finest 100% Pure Macadamia Oil  and other  Natural Ingredients and contain  no artificial or man-made ingredients, preservatives or emulsifiers, of any kind.
  • All 10 Natural  products meet the highest standards of the finest cosmetics.
  • All 10 Natural  products are fragrance free.

Lip Balm
"Soft and kissable lips!"

A  rich and soothing  lip balm with  natural sun blocking  properties.
10 Natural Lip Balm  protects,  nourishes, and soothes  your lips naturally.

$5.95 USD

100% Pure Macadamia Products For Great Skin, Lips, and Hair!

10 Natural  Pure Macadamia Cosmetic Products are grown and manufactured in Guatemala. We are committed to help build and support the growing Macadamia farming and processing cottage industry in the heart of the Guatemalan Mayan Highlands, and the sustainability of the traditional Mayan culture.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the wonderful properties of this amazing seed.

Free Shipping on all orders over $30.00! Orders under $30, shipping is $5.00